Do Gorillas Have Tails – Why Don’t Gorillas Have Tails 

Gorillas are a fascinating species of primate that have captivated humans for centuries. One of the most common questions about gorillas is whether or not they possess tails.

Do gorillas have tails

No, gorillas do not have tails. They belong to the family of primates known as Hominoidea, which also includes orangutans, chimpanzees, and humans. However, unlike monkeys, gorillas do not have tails. They have short stubs of bones that serve as a vestigial tail bone, but no tail muscle or skin covering like other primates.

Gorilla tail

Despite lacking a tail there are still many remarkable characteristics that make up gorilla anatomy including an impressive muscularity in comparison with other large primates along with long arms which aid them in climbing trees and walking upright on two feet at times! All together it’s clear why so much fascination has been directed towards this incredible species even without its own unique feature like a tail!

Why Don’t Gorillas Have Tails

This lack of tail can be attributed to their evolutionary history; millions of years ago when primates first evolved from other mammals they did indeed possess small vestigial tails but as time passed these appendages became obsolete due to their unneeded nature. As such over generations these once-present features were lost entirely leaving us with today’s tailless primates.

Why Don't Gorillas Have Tails

From an evolutionary perspective, it appears that gorillas lost their tail as they evolved into larger animals with a more upright posture than other primates. This change in body structure allowed them to move more efficiently on two legs while also freeing up energy for growth in other areas like brain size and muscle mass; thus giving them an advantage over competitors who still had tails.

Additionally, having no tail reduced drag when running or climbing trees – another key factor for survival in the wilds of Africa where they live today.

In terms of practicality, not having a tail means less risk for injury when navigating dense vegetation or during conflicts with predators or rival groups.

Do baby gorillas have tails

Baby gorillas, like their adult counterparts, do not possess tails. This is due to the fact that all members of the family Hominidae (including humans) are tailless primates. In contrast, other primates such as monkeys and lemurs have tails which they use for balance and communication with one another in social situations.

Do gorillas have tail bones

Additionally, because baby gorillas cling tightly onto their mothers during infancy this helps protect them from falling off trees or cliffs without relying on a tail for stability or support as found in other animals such as cats and dogs who rely heavily upon their tails for balance when running at high speeds over uneven terrain.

Do gorillas have tail bones


Yes, gorillas do have tail bones. However, these bones are vestigial, meaning they are remnants of a once functional tail that have become smaller and no longer serve a purpose. Gorillas have a short stub of bones at the end of their spinal column that serves as a vestigial tail bone, but they do not have any tail muscles or skin covering like other primates with tails.

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